Monday, October 23, 2006

Recent Manila Snapshots

One of my favorite pastimes is to walk on late afternoons in downtown Manila. It's fun, it's a good exercise. Usually, I just walk where my feet would bring me.
From a recent walk in downtown, here's some photos I captured with my new camera Nikon D80 and my favorite lens the Sigma 14mm. Kindly click on each picture to enlarge.

The old Post Office Building in Lawton

The side of the Post Office

Shanty rooftops..this was taken from above the Recto Terminal LRT Station.

The Jones Bridge over the Pasig River

The Oracles of Quiapo
The Blind Musicians of Avenida

The Dama Players

The Candle Sellers of Quiapo

The sidewalk masseuses in Quiapo

Calesa Terminal in Dasmarinas St., Binondo

The old Binondo Church


Anonymous said...

Hi Dennis! I always visit your blog, like everyday just to check kung may bago kang post. Ngayon lang ako nag comment. I love your pictures! Lalo na pag pictures ng Quiapo at Avenida. Lagi kasi ako nagpupunta dyan nung nasa Pinas pa ako =).

Dennis said...

thanks anonymous..

Gil said...

Hi Dennis,

Awesome shots. The Candle Sellers of Quiapo are superbly shot. The colors are vividly rendered imitating the srgb color space.. Your Nikon D80 is a good buy for sure. Keep up the good work bro.


Dennis said...

Gil: I really love this camera, and not to mention that these are photos straight from the camera. I did not use any post-processing except little adjustments in contrast and saturation. thanks!

Gil said...

Hi Dennis,

No question the D80 is a great camera.That is one best camera that Nikon has developed in the past couple of years. The other one of course is the Nikon D200.

A tip to consider is to use the raw file format. I consider
it to give the most latitude in terms of image development. You need a raw conversion software though like the CS2 to process the file into a working one. Its unfortunate that the PictureProject that comes with your Nikon software has no Raw adjustment option only simple conversion. Also for workflow requirements, if you need the file quickly then use the Raw+Jpeg(fine) format.You can post the jpeg immediately and process the Raw later. Its the best option.
Also you may need to get an external hard drive to archive your files. It is the safest way of storing your photo memories. :)


Dennis said...

Gil: thanks for the tip, man..I see you are also a Nikon user..I really have a lot of things to learn in post processing since I'm just new to photoshop, and you're right raw is best. I will try to do that technique, and maybe later I can post some samples here..I may eventually get an epson photo storage device or perhaps a zip drive for my backup pictures. many thanks!

Jomari Lee said...


These photos are POSTCARD PERFECT. Funny how even the shanties look so beautiful!

Which Camera did you use to take these photos?

Amazing, indeed.

Dennis said...

Thanks Joe, the camera is Nikon D80.

Sidney said...

I wasn't aware you had the Nikon D80. I thought you were a Canon user. (???)
Did you lost or changed camera?
In fact you use the camera I dream of having soon. I would like to upgrade my D70 for a D80. The D200 is really out of my budget range.
Not sure there is enough difference between the D70 and the D80 to justify such an investment. Maybe I should wait for the D90 ! ;-)

Yes, the epson is a good choice to store you pictures while on the move. After that you can store them on CD's.
I am not so sure about the RAW files. When you work with Raw files you really need bigger storage capacity and a strong computer to process them.
I don't think it is worth the effort.
In the end we are not really professionals who make a living out of our pictures. Nobody will see any difference between the RAW and the Jpeg file if you don't print it in a magazine. So why make your life difficult?

Dennis said...

Sidney: I just purchased a Nikon D80 last month, but I still use my old Canon 350D from time to time. I may eventually sell my canon and just stick to Nikon because Nikon serves my purpose.

What I noticed between Canon and Nikon is the color rendition.
Nikon's color rendition is crisp, saturated, but correct. Canon is more subdued in saturation (so one needs more photoshop editing).

As for you upgrading from a D70, to D80, may not be a real upgrade. It's just a step ahead. But heck, fro 6 mp to 10mp is a great step it's tyour choice..perhaps indeed just wait for a D90 next year, hehe.

And I totally agree with you that shooting Jpeg is just fine for internet purposes..but I also dream that someaday some of my photos will appear in magazines... So what I do now is to shoot Jpeg+Raw, shooting two birds in one stone :)

Gary said...

Hi Dennis,

Great shots...Ako din I just recently bought a Nikon D80 kasama na yung Nikkor 18-135mm lens.

Anyway, I'm just starting off with photography and hopefully my snaps will be @ least as good as yours.

Best regards.

Dennis said...

Thanks Gary, and good luck on your hobby! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Dennis,ang ganda ng mga kuha mo.And I was wondering sa Hidalgo mo ba binili ang lens mo?kasi matagal na ako naghahanap ng magandang wide angle lens.And magkano po ang bili mo sa lens mo?thanks po.

ianvanlan said...

nice photographs! I'm considering of buying this lens.. Not quite sure what to do ! :)