Saturday, October 13, 2007

I Am Now a Multi-Millionaire!

Yes, I am now multi-millionaire!

Well, at least that's what this email told me when I opened my inbox early this morning. Actually I've been receiving several emails of this kind lately--that I won in a Lottery, or that I have been chosen to be the heir to a great fortune of an unclaimed money in banks in Britain, Zaire, and the United States.

I found that if I sum up the amount of money I have won in these lotteries, I am now one of the richest men in the world! I could now rub shoulders with the likes of Sultan Bolkiah, Bill Gates, Oprah, Donald Trump, and even Manny Pacquiao.

What will I do with so much money?..I found that this is one of the big problems being confronted by an instant multi-millionaire.

Well, here's the list of the most important things I will do after collecting my prize money:

First, I'll destroy all the pirated DVDs in my collection, and buy the originals from Astrovision or ACA Video. At last I can now afford the original DVD of Amadeus and Godfather!

Second, I'll buy a cellphone with camera. It's always been my dream to buy a cellphone with camera. I mean, the one with which I can take pictures of myself while holding it in front of my face at arms length....the way I see some students do inside FX taxis. My old reliable Nokia 3210 is still fine, however, so I'd still use it as a back-up. I will also buy 1,000 pesos pasaloads. I'm sick and tired of going to the Sari-sari store and load my cellphone with 30-bucks worth of text messages.

Third, I will upgrade my personal computer. Well, my present Pentium II computer still serves me well, but I can no longer tolerate its 128MB Ram and 10 Gig Hardisk (which slows down my job as Wiki editor). I'll buy a 512 and a 20Gig HD. I will also upgrade to broadband. My dial-up keeps on making funny noises whenever I try to connect.

Fourth, I will throw a party to all the homeless beggars/child vendors in the streets--in Jolibee. It has always been my dream to invite the homeless to a night party, but I guess it would be extremely difficult sending them invitation if they don't have addresses. Anyway, I'll just pick them up from the streets. Each one will have a Value Meal #2 (2-piece Chickenjoy with go-large softdrinks). I will also buy all their for sale stuffs like sampaguita, and trapong bilog.

Fifth, I will buy whole year subscriptions of the following magazines: National Geographic, Discover, Reader's Digest, Wall Street Journal (Hmmm feeling executive!) , Liwayway, Carlo Caparas Komiks, and... (a little shy here)...Playboy and Penthouse...heheh

Sixth, I'll go to Recto and buy my favorite second-hand books--at least I won't make any tawad (bargaining) anymore!

Seventh, I'll stack a good number of Ligo canned-sardines in my kitchen--in case I come home again hungry driving from traffic-congested EDSA.

Eighth, I'll buy a whole cinema--that means having to avoid the long lines of buying movie tickets in Gateway Mall. I will invite all my friends for free viewing each time there is a showing. Each guest will have a free popcorn with butter or cheese of their choice. Additional salt is also free of charge.

Ninth, I'll buy (finally!)--Encyclopedia Britannica. I think this will be the realization of my childhood dream. I have often envied families with complete sets of the Britannica. People say that bookform encyclopedias are no longer necessary due to the arrival of internet encyclopedias. But they just don't know the value of the book form encyclopedias...How can you display in the bookshelf the Wikipedia?

Tenth, I'll travel the Philippines from North to South even as far as Bicutan, or even as remote as Navotas and Novaliches.

Okay, okay, forgive my should buy wish lists, but you have to understand that I didn't have practice being a multi-millionaire....


Sidney said...

Well I hope you become a multi billionaire soon! You have nice dreams worth to come true!

Mari said...

I love your wish list, Dennis, especially that stack of Ligo sardines. You crack me up. Anyway, there's nothing wrong with wishing for those things. Don't we all.

Thanks for sharing your dreams.

dodong flores said...

Well thought of list, Pareng Dennis...

Well, everybody is receiving spam email nowadays...

germs said...

congrats for completing the millinaire practice.hehehehe.

Anonymous said...


Kung mangangarap ka din lang, isagad mo na, tutal libre naman LOL! what's this Ligo Sardines ? Caviar ! millionaire ka na di ba ? Kobe Beef , French Cuisine, the whole e-bay and amazon .com orders for DVDs and Graphic Novels, Shelby Cobra muscle car from Ford Motors for your trip to Calbayog via the Bicol highway...
A reidence in Ayala Alabang or Dasmarinas Village kaya ? Hahahaha ! masarap managarap... at saka pwede ng capital sa treasure huning sa San Bernardino Straits for sunken galleons , o ano di ba ?

Rey said...

If i'd save these kind of emails including the nigerian scam mails, I'd be a billionaire already. That's a good read, Dennis. Light-hearted, funny yet punchy.

Gina said...


You mean to say-----diyata't , datapwat--- =P, gasp,--- pareho tayong nanalo ng grand prize (s)!!!??

I haven't come up with a list of what to do with all that windfall. Mabuti ka pa, you know what to do na. =)

Nice list ha! Gusto ko yung plano mo about the street urchins. That must be quite a change- instead of them just looking longingly and hungrily on the windows of Jollibee , they will be enjoying the 'feast' themselves.

You're right about the online Britannica- and all the books for that matter, iba pa rin siempre ang hard copy.

Liked the pics in your previous post as always.

iskoo said...

grabe 3000+ unread inbox messages mo?? sobra ka busy ng email mo, dio malayaong magiging milyonardyo ka, isali mo ako sa party sa jolibee ha lalo na kapag naging ka sing yaman mo na sila Bill Gates, Oprah, Donald Trump, at Manny Pacquiao

iskoo said...

bili ka na rin sarili mo domain tapos ilibre mo kami hosting...

junsjazz said...

Ayos ang muni mini mo tol! Minsan ping-isipan ko din yan pag manalo naman ako sa lotto! hehe. I like your blog. Hope you dont mind if I link you at my blog at

Salamat ng marami! ingatz lagi kabayan!